Green Key certified

Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld is Green Key certified. This is an international quality mark for sustainable companies in the hotel and leisure industry. You can see from this quality mark that we are just taking a step more consciously with nature and the environment than required by standard regulations. Corporate social responsibility is also very important for us.

The certificate has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures a company has introduced, the higher the 'environmentally friendly' level. We can proudly announce that we are in possession of the Golden Green Key!

MVO-VERKLARING 'Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld'

Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld is concerned about the impact of its business activities on the environment and society and aims to protect the natural environment for future generations. We do this by integrating the sustainability into our business processes, services and products.

We keep ourselves abreast of corporate social responsibility (CSR) developments within our industry and share knowledge about with our employees and others.

  • We inform our guests, employees and suppliers about our way of corporate social responsibility.
  • We make transparent agreements with involved parties about the quality of our product and how we want to maintain this quality.
  • We determine the financial, social and environmental impacts of our product and limit negative impacts as much as possible.
  • We contribute voluntarily to social purposes by making our services available.
  • We try to inform our guests, students and employees about decreasing their environmental impacts.
  • We work continuously to decrease environmental impacts and to increase the sustainability of our company, especially by decreasing waste and use of gas, water, electricity and fossil fuels.
  • We work continuously on the improvement of our own purchase processes and focus on the goods and services that are sustainable, preferably equipped with an official environmental and/or sustainable and/or social label.

DATE : 2-11-2016
PLACE: Wageningen
NAME & Signature: Anita Neleman