A delicious lunch at Plein 5! 

Plein 5 is a dynamic hub where students, teachers and guests can meet. A place where you can catch up over a cup of fresh coffee from the barista corner or enjoy a tasty lunch of freshly made bread rolls, toasted sandwiches, soups or salads.  

This is where you can sample what the students bake, fry and cook during their practical classes. Plein 5 is a self-service restaurant. If you prefer table service by our enthusiastic students, then you can pull up a chair in the seating area of Allerlekkerst. 

This is what you can enjoy at Plein 5 and Allerlekkerst:

Lunch dishes 

Luxury sandwiches, choice of different types of bread   
Salmon sandwich  €2,95
Carpaccio sandwich  €2,95
Burrata sandwich €2,95
Sandwich cheese, ham, egg, lettuce €2,95
BLT sandwich €2,95
Smoked chicken sandwich €2,95
Sandwich of the day €2,95
Various grilled cheese sandwiches  €2,00
Snack of the day €2,00
Salad of the day €4,50
Soup of the day €2,00

Ordering sandwiches 

You can also order sandwiches. When you email your order a day in advance to info@hoteldenieuwewereld.nl, we make sure that tasty sandwiches will be ready for you. 


Making Reservations 

Reservations for Plein 5 are not required. If you would like to come with a group, we advice sending an email to info@hoteldenieuwewereld.nl or call 026-3129601 to avoid waiting times. 




Opening hours  


Monday: 11.00 am  4.00 pm 

Tuesday to Thursday: 10.00 am  4.00 pm 

Friday: 10.00 am - 2.00 pm