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You will discover various food and beverage options in Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld, which is run by our enthusiastic students. Restaurant ‘Voldaan’, ‘Plein 5’, and bakery ‘Allerlekkerst’. Where will you decide to treat yourself? We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld.

Restaurant Voldaan

  • Delicious dining at restaurant Voldaan
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Bakery Allerlekkerst

  • Artisan bread and pastries from bakery Allerlekkerst
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Lunch at Plein 5

  • Varied choices
  • Fair prices
  • Self service and ordering possible
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Educational hospitality in Wageningen

Wageningen is known for its educational and research institutions. The hospitality facilities in Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld emphasize this educational atmosphere. The students from the hospitality, bakery, tourism and facility services educations run these facilities under the guidance of specialist teachers. This ensures a unique and vibrant hospitality experience.

Restaurant Voldaan

A feast for the palate. That’s how guests describe the dishes at Restaurant Voldaan. Come on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and enjoy a 3- or 4-course dinner for a fair price. The dishes consist of seasonal and sustainable products. With care composed, prepared, prepared and served by the students. A unique experience for our guests. You will be treated to a culinary adventure with irresistible dishes.


Plein 5

Plein 5 is open Monday to Friday for a delicious lunch. Sandwiches, salads, sandwiches and soups, it is a dynamic place where students, teachers and guests come together for a delicious lunch. It is a place for socializing and enjoying the hospitality offered by the students. When will you stop by for a delicious lunch?

Plein 5

Bakery Allerlekkerst

Bakery Allerlekkerst is open Tuesday to Friday and offers an assortment of colorful pastries and freshly baked breads. The smell of freshly baked bread meets you as you walk in.


Eating from a blackboard

Your lunch or dinner at Hotel the New World is part of our students’ class. They prepare and serve delicious dishes as part of their education, adding a unique twist to your experience. The students do their very best during their practical classes and you will be served high-quality meals. Eating from a blackboard takes on a whole new meaning!

Would you like to introduce others to our concept as well? Give a culinary experience as a gift with our gift certificates.

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